w o r k s h o p   w a g o n s

These wagons are tools that let anyone organise workshops in any places. Fully open, one wagon provides 5 large drawers
of different sizes and a small table. Thanks to its wheels, people can ride it easily. It was made in Sweden, originally created to bring out discussions about social and politic issues through these workshops.

Plywood and Steel.

Designers :

Peter Berne
Ebba Carlén
Felicia Davidsson
Caroline Eriksson
Frej Whichmann
Samuel Kufhuss
Andrea Remfelt
Joar Torbiörnsson
Ida Sundin Asp
Leonie Vogel
Lim Woo

w o r k s h o p

To introduce this new tool, our designers collective decided to launch a workshop in Universeum, musuem and zoo of Gothenburg in Sweden. The purpose was to propose a creative activity to children. The main concept was to create an abstract flag, in order to make them think about segregation in Sweden in a subtil way.