c r u s t   c r u s t   c r u s t 

Crust Crust Crust is a mini-serie of objects
made of cellular foam wastes directly sourced
in a foam production factories.

Prior to machining, cellular foams are delivered in large in the form of large, bulky blocks.The first industrial step is to remove their surfaces which contains numerous asperities.

These off-cuts are called "crusts".
Sadly, these leftover crusts are unusable as they are. Their softness prevents them from being grinded for recycling, and their thicknesses and colors diversity don’t allow them to be reused in the same way.

However, they shows good acoustic properties, thermic insulation and visual potentials.

Our collection of objects aims to turn each one of these properties into a defined carateristic of a product. We took advantage of their plasticity for the sit of a armchair, their colors for decorative lampshades and the insulation for carpets/panels.
Material : PU foam
Production : Marine Le Razavet
& Clémence Germain
Year : 2022  
Curated and Edited by D&T
Made in residency at ENSAD Limoges

©m a r i n e    l e    r a z a v e t